About Us

Del Negocio is designed to support businesses that are owned and/or operated by professionals who are proud of their latino heritage.

When you’re running or opening a business it’s all about the following… the adventure…

Type of business structure

  • Sole proprietorship
  • Partnership
  • Limited liability company (LLC)
  • Corporation

Goods and/or services provided

End users and marketplace

  • B to C – Business to Customer(s)
  • B to B – Business to Business(es)
  • B to B to C/B – Del Negocio – we are a Business to Business(es) that markets to both Customer(s) and to Business(es)

Advertising – our magazine(s) are printed quarterly (10,000+ printed every quarter) for enhanced branding and word of mouth development for our B to C and B to B customers.

Online – our magazine(s) is on our website at www.DelNegocio.com for review and free emailing subscription(s) by magazine.

Social Media – our magazine(s) and our community events.


  • Networking Coffee Events (Weekly/Monthly)
  • Business Mixers (Monthly)
  • Magazine Soirees (Quarterly)
  • Business Retreats (Annual)

Our first and only magazine is in Southern Nevada

Advertising Rates & Deadline

  • Open Rate Full Page $1,000
  • Open Rate Half Page $500
  • Annual Rate Full Page $1,400
  • Annual Rate Half Page $800
  • Deadline for Oct/Dec 2019 edition is the 15th of Aug., 2019

Contact our editor and translator at 702.306.5370 for more infromation – thank you